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Hey kids!

It's time for my yearly livejournal post!  News in the Gil's world:

I now live in california.
I'm still in the army.
I've decided that I hate the army.
I'mma be a dad!  Creighton Alexander Nall is expected on May 20th, 2008
I got fat again,  but now I have big muscles, and I'm working on the fat.
I will be returning to florida after my year and a half here is done.
Otherwise, life is pretty good.
Chances of deployment before I leave he army are looking pretty slim.

I still like cheese.

Sean and I are still making music.  we've dissolved the giant, inflated, self-loving Project 454 and are now producing under the combined title of Complex Synergy.   Look for my remix of Darren Style's Skydivin' soon.

I may post twice this year,  if we're lucky.

Gil Out.

P.S.:  Http://
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Oh my! I'm so happy to hear from you, Gil! I've missed talking to you.
Yay, Gilbert! Congrats on the baby - you HAVE to post pictures, okay? Also, BGL in Clearwater is gone. They moved it all the way up near St. Pete the other day. I miss the old days SO much.
I'm glad that you're doing well! And congratulations on fatherhood-to-be.

Whereabouts in California are you?
Well it's a good thing I checked LJ this week then :). Glad to hear from ya, and sorry that ya don't like being in the army x.o; Something like that's usually better when you enjoy what you're forced to do. Good luck with the little one ^v^, and I hope everything continues to work out for ya. Just take care and be safe and all that.
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