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It's been a while. I'm at Beach Gameland. Same drama as usual, same tiredness as usual. In the Groove kicks ass.

I saw Steven Brown today. I don't know what's a bigger blow to the nuts, the fact that he was nice to me or the fact that he's still with Kat.

Aaaaanyway, drama aside, I've been beating my music into shape as of late.. it's starting to sound a lot better. I don't think Nyckie and I are going to work out. I love her, but.. we're too different. I find I spend most of my time talking to other aspiring electronic musicians on the 'net. I'm suprised I even remember the names of the people here. I loved this place, but now, it's more just making me feel as if it's time wasted that could be spent working on music.

*yawns* Oh, I suck at Soul Calibur II now.

Yeah. Music is my life. Not much of a life, I might add. Maybe one of these days I'll be famous, or at least respected.

Peace out everyone.
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