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datdudegil's Journal

13 October
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*yawns* You should never write a biography at 3:45 AM. That said, it's 3:45 AM and I'm writing a biography... sort of, it's more an auto-biography.

Hi there, My name is Steve, but most people call me Gil. Yes, even in real life. Why? becasue I never tell anyone my real name, unless I really, really like them. Or they see it here.

I'm 20, slowly creepign up on 21. Just got done reading the journal of some gal called Dawn, she was born a year and a day before me. Freaky.

I'm bald, I shave my head. People still yell skinhead at me when I walk by, sometimes.

I'm overweight, but very proud of my weight as it is, because it used to be 135 (officially at last count, I may have dropped more since) pounds more.

I can't spell Ferrari to save my life.

Are you Enjoy?