Gil (datdudegil) wrote,

So one time there was this guy.

His name was Gil.  He was Awesome.  He was so Awesome that his Awesome had a capital "A." 

He traveled the Information, spreading joy in the form of art and music. He made many smile, and some weep, for he told the world how it worked, and tried in vain to help those that wished not help.

He walked the earth, and everyone loved him.  Those that did not love him, came to love him the most.  Then, he destroyed the love of all that he touched.  It did not amuse him, but indeed caused great pain to himself and those around him.  However, he was still Awesome. 

Then, he fought for the life and freedom of many, including all those who had loved him.  In this time, he was distant, and conceived his progeny, his scion.  He of the beautiful countenance and bearer of the Awesome.

Now, he walks the earth again, and through him flows joy again.  From others the music and art now flow, and he spreads it with love and happiness.  Once again the people come to love him.  Will he shatter the love again?  He knows not, but has learned from the misdirected Awesome of ages past.

He is Gil, and he likes tacos.
Tags: awesome, pretentious
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