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To everyone.

This is an open letter to everyone I've ever known.

Everyone I've ever loved, hated, trusted, lied to, had lie to me, randomly hugged in the street, tried to help, been helped by, cared for, decieved, fucked, said hello to on the street, anyone and everyone. But there are some to who this is directed to to more than others.

Thank you. Thank you to those especially who have pointed out my (many)faults, and to those who have pointed out my (believe it or not, even more)strengths.

I am, apparently, not a good person, but instead, a lazy, slacking bum. Am I going to change? Hopefully. But chances are slim, according to most. To say I hate myself would be a lie. To say I love myself would be just as false. To say I wish to be loved by everyone would not be a lie. Sometimes you realize you HAVE to change, for the very sake of your own survival. I think it's a form of evolution.

Goodnoght, everyone. Have good dreams of whatever makes you happy, and I'll see you all in the morning.

Thank you, Mom.
Thank you, Dad.
Thank you, Cheryl.
Thank you, Dirk
Thank you, Micki.
Thank you, Kris
Thank you, Chet.
Thank you, Rey.
Thank you, Sean.
Thank you, Jen.
Thank you, Will.
Thank you, Nyckie.
Thank you, Tara.
Thank you, Justin.
and Thank you, Matt.

These are all of the people that I can think of who have had a significant impact on my adult life, and they all deserve some form of recognition.
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