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Life presses on...

Sick today... but not letting that stop me. Working on another track.. this one is somewhere between rave and trance. I'm finally noting a very marked improvement in my music.. if finally sounds.. dare I say it? Good...Professional. If something sounds fake, it's because I want it to. I've gone back to basics with a lot of my stuff, and it's helping immensely.

Oddly enough, I'm no longer alone in the electronic music world... Many of my freinds here in that thing we call real life (where I find myself spendingfar too much time lately..! Note to self: play video games tonight.) are loking to me with help in their new electronic endeavours.. not bad considering most of them have actual music training.. which I still want very badly.

On the internet front.. still nothing from Matt... but on the other end (of the world, literally) one Alex Coe is coming up as a strong supporter. He's training at uni for music technology. Oddest connection I ever thought I'd have with him.

Anywhoo, I have to go work on this new track. Peace out, people. :)
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