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Date:2011-07-15 05:44
Subject:Writer's Block: Famous last words

If you were close to death, what would you choose for your last words? To whom would you want to say them?

Haha, I can't believe I never answered this before. the last time I remember being near-death (It's kind of odd that I have more than one near-death experience, let alone the fact that I have them regularly) my going-to-be last words were, and I quote:

"Oh fuck!"

I said them to the ground, that was somehow now above me, which just wasn't right, because I wasn't under ground.

(Spoiler alert: I didn't die.)

Goodnight, Fred.

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Date:2011-06-23 15:14

Hi Fred!

You know what I love about the internet? The fact that you can have wildy different personalities on every website, but so long as you use a common name for all of them, you get to watch people try to figure out your personality by amalgamating them all when stalking you. Or doing security checks, or even just looking to hire you.

Imma go babble at washed up Star Trek actors on Twitter now.

(I'm kidding, I only follow the interesting ones.)

By Fred!

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Date:2009-11-25 03:28
Subject:No Sleepy.
Mood:I have to pee.



Srsly though, Fred. (Can you really take something seriously when you say "Srsly," though? Why are these sentences in parenthesis?) The internet (Do I capitalize that?) has many way to suck you into it, like Encyclopedia Dramatica and Newgrounds and Livejournal.

Also, I started playing Dragon Age Origins today. So far it's okay. It seems more like a poorly done action game than an RPG at the moment though.

Goodnight, Fred.

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Date:2009-11-23 02:44
Subject:Yo queiro spelling?
Mood: chipper

Hello Fred!

We haven't talked in a few days. How have you been? I've been broke, but happy. Of course, I've only been happy because It's my job to be the carefree, worryless one, but hey, I kind of enjoy that. pretty carefree and lacking in worry. I'm trying to get my computer-art-drawy-tablety-thing back from Sean, so I can computer-arty-drawy-stuff, like dragons, and fighters. and fighters fighting dragons. and kittens. I like cheeseburgers.

Goodnight, Fred.

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Date:2009-11-14 00:47
Mood: sleepy

Hello Fred!

I made a song today. It's called: "My Son Poops His Pants Every Day"

It goes like this:

My son poops his pants every day
it's a good thing he wears diapers

The End.

Also, it was Tori's 13th birthday today. I remember when I turned 13 on Friday the 13th.

PS- I hate that my little sleepy bear emoticon is crying.

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Date:2009-11-12 00:28
Mood: tired

Hello Fred!  How are you today?

I was fairly productive.  I filed my back taxes and got Nyckie's computer working.  Then there was an argument, and everyone was sad.  Now I'm going to go to bed, and sleep, because I'm going to get a job tomorrow.

Goodnight, Fred.

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Date:2009-11-11 01:25
Mood: relaxed

If you were close to death, what would you choose for your last words? To whom would you want to say them?

I like this thing.  I've decided to call it Fred.  

Dear Fred,

I worked on music today.  I didn't get a job, though.  Oh, I also finished working on my brakes.  I need to do the ones on the mustang, soon.



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Date:2009-11-10 00:50
Subject:So one time there was this guy.
Mood: calm

His name was Gil.  He was Awesome.  He was so Awesome that his Awesome had a capital "A." 

He traveled the Information, spreading joy in the form of art and music. He made many smile, and some weep, for he told the world how it worked, and tried in vain to help those that wished not help.

He walked the earth, and everyone loved him.  Those that did not love him, came to love him the most.  Then, he destroyed the love of all that he touched.  It did not amuse him, but indeed caused great pain to himself and those around him.  However, he was still Awesome. 

Then, he fought for the life and freedom of many, including all those who had loved him.  In this time, he was distant, and conceived his progeny, his scion.  He of the beautiful countenance and bearer of the Awesome.

Now, he walks the earth again, and through him flows joy again.  From others the music and art now flow, and he spreads it with love and happiness.  Once again the people come to love him.  Will he shatter the love again?  He knows not, but has learned from the misdirected Awesome of ages past.

He is Gil, and he likes tacos.

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Date:2008-03-01 18:34
Subject:Hey kids!
Mood: sleepy

It's time for my yearly livejournal post!  News in the Gil's world:

I now live in california.
I'm still in the army.
I've decided that I hate the army.
I'mma be a dad!  Creighton Alexander Nall is expected on May 20th, 2008
I got fat again,  but now I have big muscles, and I'm working on the fat.
I will be returning to florida after my year and a half here is done.
Otherwise, life is pretty good.
Chances of deployment before I leave he army are looking pretty slim.

I still like cheese.

Sean and I are still making music.  we've dissolved the giant, inflated, self-loving Project 454 and are now producing under the combined title of Complex Synergy.   Look for my remix of Darren Style's Skydivin' soon.

I may post twice this year,  if we're lucky.

Gil Out.

P.S.:  Http://www.myspace.com/nall

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Date:2007-03-17 11:37
Subject:Yeaah! Sephiroth is teh S3xx0R!!
Mood: Wonkafated

Hahah! I've found an apartment....  Thank god for Koreans who speak English, because my Hangul is sorely lacking.  

In other fun news, I now have my grubby little hands on "Crono Symphonic" (Woo OMG HAEV U HERD FR0G's TEME!?!?!?!!!!11eleven), and it has made me happy.  I decided recently to submit something to OC Remix, so soon my disasterpiece "NRG de Chocobo" will grace the hallowed pages of  Video Game Remixers.

BTW:  I can't believe I never went and dug this up before, but:  "Advent: One Winged Angel" = Secks.

Go randomly Capitalized words!

-G.I. Gil


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Date:2006-02-11 20:35

I'm gonna whomp your face!

For those who don't know, I scored a 213 (exactly 71% in each area, amazingly.. 50 pushups, 58 situps(With and already sore ass.. or else I would've gotten more) and a 15:23 run time) on my APFT the other day. Then I pulled a groin muscle, and ran on the A-train the day after.

My groin still hurts if I move it too much ;_;

I've gained newfound respect around the company, for the amount I keep pushing myself every day. I'm in the top of My classes, I passed my Diag with tons of room in all three fields to spare. Now it's the road to 300 .. and beyond. Trying to hit that 13 minute two mile time is going to kill me though.

Did I mention the A- Train ran a 14:30 pace that day? That's an entire minute less then what I ran on my diag. This PT thing is starting to be a breeze.

I phased up to V the other day, so now I get to run around in civilian clothes on the weekends. Suprisingly, the only one who's not ribbed me about wearing bondage gear and shirts that say "I hate everyone" has been my Drill Sergeant.

Anywhoo, peace out and stay well, kids. Gil/Nall/Seraphim out.

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Date:2006-02-05 20:36
Mood:Kinda Tired

It's superbowl sunday! The Seahawks better win.

Tuesday I have my first PT test of AIT. Suprisingly, I'm not worried about it, but then, when I look at myself in the mirror these days, I realize why I'm not worried about it. I couldn't get out in time for a proper haircut today, so we buzzed my head then I took a mach 3 to it. I look damned sexy. :p Tomorrow they've actually canceled PT so that we can stay up late and watch the game and.. FUCK! The Steelers just scored again.

Anywhoo, for those of you wondering, I am alive, if not very communicative. Still not a lot of free time here in Armyland.. I kinda snuck out to the rec center during the game. Anyway, I hope everyone out there is doing okay in internetland. Send me a mail, datdudegil@hotmail.com, as usual.

Peace out, chillin's.

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Date:2005-12-16 11:51


THEY MAKE CHERRY HERSHEY'S KISSES! I haven't had candy in two months and I come home to find THESE! HOOAH! I LOVE IT!

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Date:2005-12-16 04:52
Mood: sleepy

Well, here I am home on Christmas Exodus leave. A lot of people have been wondering if I'm alive or not. For those who didn't get the memo, I joined the Army. I'm loving it. It reminds me of summer camp with really grouchy counselors, who can make you do pushups.

Seriously, though. Life is all fine and well, and I'm going to be in the Tampa bay area for the next.... sixteen days. I'll see everyone when I get the chance.


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Date:2005-10-19 01:15
Mood: anxious

Well guys, this is pretty much it. The last time I'll post in this journal til Christmas time, when I come back on leave. I'm going to be at Fort Benning, Georgia, for my basic training, then I'll be heading to Fort Gordon for my AIT. In June, after AIT, I'll be coming home for a couple of weeks. Either way, I'm now a Soldier in the United States Army, and never have I been more proud of myself, nor has my family been as proud of me. If you want me to write you while I'm away, email me or comment here with your name and address, and I'll make sure to write you.

Everyone wish me luck.

Bye, for now.


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Date:2005-10-15 14:25
Mood: aggravated

I ship thursday. Hoo-yah!

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Date:2005-09-18 12:52
Subject:A lesson.
Mood: contemplative

Today's lesson, children, is a dissertation on human nature.

What drives you?
What motivates you?
What cripples you?
What destroys you?
What brings out your finest moments?
and just as easily cripples your worst?

Simple, children. Fear.

It's a four-letter word, and one we avoid, very often.

We push ourselves because we fear the consequences. We shy away from potentially grand situations for fear of unwanted results. Bravery is nothing more than fear for someone or something else stronger than fear for your own self. We get up and drudge ourselves to work every day for fear that if we dont, we won't be able to eat the following day. Every one of us has an immeasurable amount of fear in them, whether it's hidden by apathy, sadness, caring, love, hatred, anger, even happiness.

Look at yourself and tell me if this isn't true. Why do you go to school? Why do you work? Why do you stay inside instead of going out on a friday night? Or vice-versa even. Think about it, and if anyone can offer a counterpoint to this, I'll gladly listen.

Now, I fear I must go make sure I can eat.

Gil Out

P.S. I love you.

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Date:2005-09-12 22:06
Subject:To everyone.
Mood: impressed

This is an open letter to everyone I've ever known.

Everyone I've ever loved, hated, trusted, lied to, had lie to me, randomly hugged in the street, tried to help, been helped by, cared for, decieved, fucked, said hello to on the street, anyone and everyone. But there are some to who this is directed to to more than others.

Thank you. Thank you to those especially who have pointed out my (many)faults, and to those who have pointed out my (believe it or not, even more)strengths.

I am, apparently, not a good person, but instead, a lazy, slacking bum. Am I going to change? Hopefully. But chances are slim, according to most. To say I hate myself would be a lie. To say I love myself would be just as false. To say I wish to be loved by everyone would not be a lie. Sometimes you realize you HAVE to change, for the very sake of your own survival. I think it's a form of evolution.

Goodnoght, everyone. Have good dreams of whatever makes you happy, and I'll see you all in the morning.

Thank you, Mom.
Thank you, Dad.
Thank you, Cheryl.
Thank you, Dirk
Thank you, Micki.
Thank you, Kris
Thank you, Chet.
Thank you, Rey.
Thank you, Sean.
Thank you, Jen.
Thank you, Will.
Thank you, Nyckie.
Thank you, Tara.
Thank you, Justin.
and Thank you, Matt.

These are all of the people that I can think of who have had a significant impact on my adult life, and they all deserve some form of recognition.

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Date:2005-04-10 00:55
Mood: Tired&I want to work on Music

It's been a while. I'm at Beach Gameland. Same drama as usual, same tiredness as usual. In the Groove kicks ass.

I saw Steven Brown today. I don't know what's a bigger blow to the nuts, the fact that he was nice to me or the fact that he's still with Kat.

Aaaaanyway, drama aside, I've been beating my music into shape as of late.. it's starting to sound a lot better. I don't think Nyckie and I are going to work out. I love her, but.. we're too different. I find I spend most of my time talking to other aspiring electronic musicians on the 'net. I'm suprised I even remember the names of the people here. I loved this place, but now, it's more just making me feel as if it's time wasted that could be spent working on music.

*yawns* Oh, I suck at Soul Calibur II now.

Yeah. Music is my life. Not much of a life, I might add. Maybe one of these days I'll be famous, or at least respected.

Peace out everyone.

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Date:2005-03-17 17:29
Subject:Life presses on...
Mood:Satisfied and slightly hungry.

Sick today... but not letting that stop me. Working on another track.. this one is somewhere between rave and trance. I'm finally noting a very marked improvement in my music.. if finally sounds.. dare I say it? Good...Professional. If something sounds fake, it's because I want it to. I've gone back to basics with a lot of my stuff, and it's helping immensely.

Oddly enough, I'm no longer alone in the electronic music world... Many of my freinds here in that thing we call real life (where I find myself spendingfar too much time lately..! Note to self: play video games tonight.) are loking to me with help in their new electronic endeavours.. not bad considering most of them have actual music training.. which I still want very badly.

On the internet front.. still nothing from Matt... but on the other end (of the world, literally) one Alex Coe is coming up as a strong supporter. He's training at uni for music technology. Oddest connection I ever thought I'd have with him.

Anywhoo, I have to go work on this new track. Peace out, people. :)

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